Punisher cancelled : what are the projects of Jon Bernthal ?

His series “the Punisher,” coming undone, check out the projects of Jon Bernthal, the interpreter of Frank Castle. Sony Pictures Releasing-The Peanut Butter Falcon Is Finished. A small strike on the run is going to become the coach of wrestling and ally of Zak, a young man with down’s syndrome. Zak is also on the run, he had left his home to try to realize his dream : to become a professional wrestler professional and join the school to catch Saltwater Redneck. With Shia Labeouf, Dakota Johnson and Bruce Dern. Ford v. Ferrari Post-production. Jon Bernthal and Christian Bale will be the replica in front of the camera, James Mangold to become the first employee at Ford, the other a pilot of the team Ferrari. Released on 3 July 2019. Small Engine Repair In shooting. The film adaptation of a play performed on stage by Bernthal in 2012 and 2013. It describes a situation of professional burn-out in a small shop and mechanics in New Hampshire. He will be with his partner at the theatre of the time, John Pollono, also the author of the piece. The Many Saints of Newark Pre-production. Prequel of the series, HBO The sopranos in which Michael Gandolfini (son of James) will play the young Tony Soprano. The feature film will explore the youth of the character so that he becomes a gangster in New Jersey. The precise role of Jon Bernthal is not yet confirmed. Stingray Pre-production. When a young man kills the brother of a figure in organized crime, he is forced to kill a member of his own family within two days. With also Joel Edgerton and Anthony Hayes, who wrote and directed the film. Snow Ponies Pre-production. First realization of a stuntman Darrin Prescott, it presents a group of men tough have to cross hazardous terrain filled with bandits and obstacles to deliver a mysterious package. With Evan Peters and Josh Gad. Find the course and career of Jon Bernthal in pictures : See the slideshow Slideshow Marvel's The Punisher : Jon Bernthal, born to punish 8 photos

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