A last Princess, Despite it, in preparation : a tribute to its director passed away

Despite the death of director Gary Marshall, the project of a third, “The Princess Diaries” is maintained. While it has been nearly 14 years that the second Princess Diaries was released, Julie Andrews said that the project of a third component specified. No official date has been revealed despite the expectation of the fans but also Anne Hathaway, which has declared a wish to resume his role. The first Princess in spite of herself (2001) we embarked in the life of a young girl, shy and discrete, constrained to learn a few rules of good conduct when she finds herself sole heir to a small kingdom. Eager not to abandon nor his student life, nor her friends, she struggles to resist the pressure exerted on it. In the second part, A marriage of the princess (2004), she begins to assume her title, before learning that she can’t keep it in the condition of marry. Between suitors awkward and beautiful kids unbearable, Mia will be quickly exhausted. Enthusiastic reactions were felt on the social networks since Anne Hathaway, of passage, on a tray, tv on the 28th of January, has revealed that the script was complete and that everything is materialized. This would, according to the actresses, a real tribute to Gary Marshall, who, before his death, was committed to a third “Princess”. Photo published on Instagram, following the death of the director, by Anne Hathaway. On the photo are Julie Andrews, Gary Marshall and Anne Hathaway during the filming of Princess Despite it all (2001) : to See this release on Instagram A publication shared by Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway) on 20 Jul. 2016 at 1 :58 am PDT The trailer of “Princess despite her” : a Princess in spite of her trailer VF